When Melissa Enriquez opened her first retail store in Manhattan Beach, California, she single handedly changed the visual landscape of her North Manhattan Beach neighborhood.  Not only had the area not seen the likes of a business like hers, but her community service projects have placed her on the list with some of the most influential people in the city. 

She resurrected the North Manhattan Beach Business Improvement District (NMB-BID), and volunteered her time as elected Chairman of the Board of Advisors from 2007-2009.  Her efforts led to the rebranding and revitalization of the area; which included a City Council approved name change of the area, 6 DuraTherm enhanced crosswalks, 22 permanent hanging branded signs, 40 additional trees planted throughout the area, and 6 curb extensions, which not only visually enhanced the area by providing space for additional landscaping, but also enhanced pedestrian safety by shortening the distance a pedestrian must walk to cross the street. Melissa went before City Council several times to present these ideas, and was able to communicate her vision with nearly unanimous support from the Mayor and Council members. 

The Mayor and City Council Members also decided that they would use the template of the crosswalk designs approved for North Manhattan Beach, and incorporate them in the state funded Highland Avenue Overlay project which extends into the main thoroughfare of Manhattan Beach.

Melissa also created the North Manhattan Beach Holiday Open House that takes place every December in the area.  It began as a humble effort the first year she opened her store, with only a few businesses participating.  It has now become one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Her efforts to beautify and enhance North Manhattan Beach have left a lasting impression that will be visible for many years to come.

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